Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

We conduct market analysis and competitive analysis, highlight USP, scheme and methods of interaction with the target audience, build a sales funnel


To design a car, it is good to start with understanding what characteristics it should have, who will buy it, and how much money can be spent to get a profit. Unless you are doing it just for fun, of course. It is the same with any business.

Marketing plan

Marketing plan includes analysis of the market and the competitive environment, identifies and describes all possible target audiences, allows you to reveal your own unique selling proposition, find the most effective ways of interaction with the audience, and write a market promotion plan.

Digital media plan

Digital media plan includes analysis of the volume and quality of competitors' presence on the Internet, analysis of their positioning and the tools used. We determine the actual needs and emotional points of influence on the target audience, ways to build trust in the brand. We prescribe tactics and strategy: in tools and numbers, as specific as possible, in steps and dates. We define performance indicators. 

Business plan

Business plan is a structured description of the activity areas of an existing or future business, including a development plan taking into account production, household and financial factors. It allows you to assess the prospects, define and plan attainable goals, write a roadmap adjusted for the economic capabilities of the company and the desires of its owners.

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