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8 простых шагов, чтобы получить максимум от интернет-маркетинга
8 steps to start Digital  Marketing strategy.  67% of marketers say their online marketing strategy has boosted their sales. At the same time, only 34% of them documented it, the rest work by touch. Take these 8 easy steps and
Гайд по работе в условиях пандемии
Pandemic Work Guide. What measures help businesses survive the crisis? The founder and head of the Synchronization lecture hall, Maria Borodetskaya, shared in the framework of the Business Class educational project what measures have helped her business survive the crisis.
Как наладить удаленную работу
How to set up a remote work. While the whole world is rapidly becoming grey under the onslaught of coronavirus panic, we are looking for the beautiful in the apocalypse. And we find! Finally, finally, everybody is working remotely! It’s
Большой брат следит за тобой
Claims to Big Brother. Remember all these memes about “Big Brother is watching you” or “Do not forget to congratulate your FSS officer?”. Do you remember how at one time everyone sealed laptop cameras and hinted: “Not a telephone conversation”?
Should you stay friends with an ex? Everyone has been in such situation. You ahaven’t thought about them for a long time, you are living your life, being busy with someone else. And suddenly you got a message. The call.
В чём разница между блатом и нетворкингом?
What is the difference between protection and networking? Perhaps it’s only the issue of a possible winner: yourself or someone else.⠀ Agree: getting a good position, investing profitably or concluding a contract with the help of friends is not shameful
Концентрат с Аязом Шабутдиновым в Москве
Meeting with Ayaz Shabutdinov Have you ever heard of Ayaz Shabutdinov? He is an entrepreneur, investor, founder of the Like Group, whose turnover in 2018 amounted to more than 3 billion rubles. He is 28, and he was born in
Role of internet marketing in business
What is internet marketing for? Gone are the days when it a sign and a colorful leaflet were enough to become known – now the Internet rules the world. However, the creation of a simple website will not solve the
Digital Marketing from Facebook
Digital Marketing from Facebook. On January 15, we attended an exclusive workshop at Facebook office in Madrid. The program was created in collaboration with GRI (Gabinete de Recolocacion Industrial). The topic of the seminar was “Digital Marketing Tools” and, naturally,
Boost your business
How to do business the right way? Are you sick and tired of looking for magic bullet? Have you already paid to an SMM, copywriter, all sorts of online targeted advertising specialists, designer yadda yadda yadda, but bags of money