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What is the difference between protection and networking?

Perhaps it’s only the issue of a possible winner: yourself or someone else.

Agree: getting a good position, investing profitably or concluding a contract with the help of friends is not shameful at all, if all this is yours. Thanks to connections you save time and energy. It is not for nothing that the organizers of business events include time for participants to communicate in the program. But many people spent this time to overcome internal resistance.

How to stop being embarrassed about useful acquaintances and start to make and use them with pleasure?

The main thesis in teaching networking in Europe: “First give, then ask.” Such help does not involve major favors, but allow you to establish contact, to be remembered, to feel free to ask for something in return.

For instance, when you meeting a person at the event, ask what he/she does in life and why he or she has decided to come here. Most likely, they will immediately tell you about thir needs – and here you need to find out how you can help, at least a little. If it’s hard, ask clarifying questions. In any case, people usually like to talk about themselves, and the dialogue will surely turn out to be enjoyable.

The Russian feature of networking is that the key to us is the issue of trust. But you cannot form it by a simple exchange of business cards – you need time and checking a person in different situations. For this, joint attendance at seminars, business parties, and entertainment events is affordable.

Russian business partners often become friends – we can confirm this from our own experience. Having checked us “in a battle”, we were trusted with secrets, children, dogs and large amount of money. Do you want to find honest and loyal colleagues?

Then write to us – let’s go to the next event together!