Digital Gale

What is internet marketing for?

Gone are the days when it a sign and a colorful leaflet were enough to become known – now the Internet rules the world. However, the creation of a simple website will not solve the issue. The competition in the digital environment has become so high that even brilliant projects are forced to fight for survival if they have no sound marketing strategy.

How do you do business to afford a better life?

To begin with, we suggest you make it a rule to stop yourself every time you decide to simplify something:

“A potential client will close and forget your site as soon as they lose interest”.

This means that if you:

a) get into the wrong target audience;
b) explain the benefits of the product in a complicated and confusing way;
c) annoy the reader with stereotypes, design, and god knows with what else,

you have lost a client.

The prerequisites for a successful project are:

1. Sale a well-formulated unique offer to an interested target audience.

What does this mean?
The approach “We have the best, the cheapest, and the most expensive looking thing for you, just take everything!” does not work anymore.

2. Sale in the language the target audience speaks, through communication channels it is most likely to be found.

What does this mean?
Kittens need to be sold on Twitter, training abroad is sold on Facebook. You can do the opposite only if you are your own enemy and really want to waste your money.

3. Safe product selling environment.

What does this mean?
If when visiting your website your potential clients are having doubts as per whether the company is alive, whether the product will be delivered, whether the properties of the product or service corresponding to reality, whether the page was created by a 35-year-old virgin back in 2001, you are probably lacking in credibility a little. And superlative adjectives will not help.

Do you know how to do it all by yourself? If so, you are a happy person then! Please share your experience in the comments.

But if you don’t know how to do that all, contact us! We will help