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Pandemic Work Guide.

What measures help businesses survive the crisis?

The founder and head of the Synchronization lecture hall, Maria Borodetskaya, shared in the framework of the Business Class educational project what measures have helped her business survive the crisis.

“Synchronization” is the largest lecture hall in Moscow. Before the pandemic, it was held about 200 events per month, converted 10,000 students and employed more than 60 lecturers.

With the advent of the pandemic, all offline events – most of them were offline – had to be cancelled. But because they already had an experience working online, the situation did not become a shock for the company. That makes us return to the good old principle: do not put all your eggs in one basket. But now it’s too late to lay straws – so let’s think about what else can be done in this situation.

What to do if it is not possible to fulfil contractual obligations to your clients?

Talk and offer different options. Or a few.

  1. Do not be afraid to offer a refund – people are actually quite responsive.

  2. Freeze a service or delivery time – agree to postpone it for a while.

  3. Transfer everything that is possible to transfer online. Don’t forget to make a discount. This way you apologize for the inconvenience and maintain loyalty.

In the case of Maria Borodetskaya, 90% of customers agreed to transfer the service online or have it another time. In addition, “Synchronization” offered potential customers a couple of free online lectures to interest them in an unusual format.

How to change communication with customers?

  1. Fire on all social networks. No need to pretend that nothing is happening – on the contrary, inform customers as soon as possible.

  2. Adapt the site. Let the client perceive you by default as an online service provider or see how you adapt to the current situation.

How to interact with colleagues?

The short answer is: honestly and often. Openness gives a feeling of reliability, and if something goes wrong and the team sees it – it supports each other.

Create a hurricane plan: determine what indicator you need to achieve in order to survive – and come up with a reward for achieving it.

Read the detailed guide in our article “How to set up a remote work”.

How to work with partners?

The crisis is a very good time to show both the team and partners how you behave in trouble.

  1. Try to provide each other with work.

That’s all 🙂

Decide how to provide services online; disassembling documents; carry out preparatory work for future projects, etc., and so on.

What to do with rental payments?

Try to negotiate a discount, but do not forget that your landlords now also have a difficult situation – many companies have been unable to pay rent at all. Do not get into deferrals, it is better to pay in advance, but with a 50% discount.

Think about how you can help a landlord. Maybe you can bring your partners to this location?

What else?

  • Invest in advertising. People are sitting at home in gadgets, and this is a chance to grab their attention.

  • Try to understand the position of the second side: it has now changed for everyone. A step forward will help to get preferences for yourself.

  • Be clear: do not try to dodge; rather, reveal your cards to help the other side enter your position. All people are people.

  • Interact with your business community, support each other, discuss problems, and team up.

  • Take advantage of affiliate marketing based on barter audience exchange.

  • Write the worst scenarios that can happen with your team – this will help you to cheer up and not be scared if a bad situation occurs. Remember to come up with a plan for what you will do if the fears are confirmed.

Crisis = opportunity?

Yes! At a minimum, this is an opportunity to build strong partnerships and team relationships. People who went through complex situations together are united.

It’s also an opportunity to learn how to quickly test hypotheses and become more flexible.

The ability to learn how to work remotely.

The main advice for entrepreneurs from Maria Borodetskaya:

Get closer with the team. Get enough sleep and eat healthily.

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