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Meeting with Ayaz Shabutdinov

Have you ever heard of Ayaz Shabutdinov? He is an entrepreneur, investor, founder of the Like Group, whose turnover in 2018 amounted to more than 3 billion rubles. He is 28, and he was born in Kueda – a small village in the Perm region.

On 19-22 January 2020 Ayaz attended the seminar “Concentrate” as the main speaker. The cost of participation started from 1000 rubles – and this allowed to accept a very different audience.
There were students and successful CEO’s of large corporations.

The business community was represented in the areas of:
• retail;
• media and media;
• event;
• IT industry;
• marketing;
• HR;
• information business;
• tourism;
• beauty industry;
• innovative startups;
• and much more.

There were even BDSM bears 😊

Maria and Alina attended the seminar in order to establish business communications. Digital Gale business cards went like hot dogs.

It is interesting that Ayaz repeated the same idea that we often repeat to our audience in social networks: “You can do everything by yourself while creating MVP (minimally viable product – author’s comment). Then you need to hire people. ”

We understand that it can be scary. But you’ve created your own business for the sake of freedom, not for the 24-hours work and grey hair, right?

Do you know such a form of business – “an individual entrepreneur”? Regardless of how the company is legally registered, a lot of businessmen live like individual, lonely entrepreneurs who can’t rely on anyone.

You actually can – on the Digital Gale.