Digital Gale

Digital Marketing from Facebook.

On January 15, we attended an exclusive workshop at Facebook office in Madrid. The program was created in collaboration with GRI (Gabinete de Recolocacion Industrial). The topic of the seminar was “Digital Marketing Tools” and, naturally, we could not miss it.

Specialists working in digital marketing shared a lot of information and opinions. We studied a method of creating innovation called “Design Thinking” used by lead companies such as Google, Facebook, and Apple. We touched on the topic of social marketing in various fields and the use of social media in business development. We talked about the web presence, the importance of knowledge of web tools, search engine optimization (SEO) and web analytics.

Special attention was given to the topic of cybersecurity. We heard recommendations on how to identify web vulnerabilities and basic methods of protection against phishing and malware.

The purposes of the seminar were as following:

+ to form the necessary skills and knowledge on how to start an online business;

+ to teach how to build, understand, and define your target audience;

+ to explain the importance of content by outlining the topic “content is the master of everything”;

+ to show tricks on how to create engaging and relevant content;

+ to teach how to manage actions in social networks and measure them following the best practices.

And there were also a lot of jokes, laughter, and cookies