Digital Gale

How to do business the right way?

Are you sick and tired of looking for magic bullet? Have you already paid to an SMM, copywriter, all sorts of online targeted advertising specialists, designer yadda yadda yadda, but bags of money still haven’t fallen from the sky? We know why.

You made a mistake at the very beginning.

You didn’t make a competitive analysis of the niche, your unique selling proposition was unclear,, you didn’t think about positioning and never created a marketing plan. Only 2% of entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to successfully promote a business without all this. If you’re not a millionaire yet, don’t hope to get lucky.

We will help you start a business or get it out of trouble.

We are two partners and a team of specialists.
Maria is a project manager with over 8 years of business experience and incurable hyper responsibility. Alina is a digital marketer with a European degree and a unstoppable energy.

We work in Russia and abroad, with modest projects and multi-million ones. We will see all the organizational errors in the interaction with the target audience, in your unique selling proposition and in your the marketing strategy.

We are proud of our reliable team of highly qualified specialists who not only will help you out, enhance your project or express an alternative opinion, but also make a website, set up AdWords, recommend automated tools and perform routine work.

Our portfolio includes ICO, scientific, land, tourism and educational projects, as well as event and information businesses. We are likely to have experience in your sphere as well. Contact us to see for yourself.

We will not lie and say that we know everything about everything. This is impossible. But we do know a lot. Challenge us!

How much does it cost?

We have a very flexible price list, depending on the niche, complexity of the situation, and your approach to cooperation. Tell us where you are now and what objectives you want to achieve, and we’ll make an individual offer.

What do you begin with?

Just contact us, it’s absolutely free.