Digital Gale

Claims to Big Brother.

Remember all these memes about “Big Brother is watching you” or “Do not forget to congratulate your FSS officer?”.

Do you remember how at one time everyone sealed laptop cameras and hinted: “Not a telephone conversation”? Well, the world has turned upside down again.

Today’s consumers are waiting for their real life to be reflected in advertising. Inclusivity is the latest fad.

In other words, selling advertising should take into account a gender, age, body type, race or ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, skin color, language, faith and religion, physical capabilities and socio-economic status. Targeting the audience in the style of “a man from 35” will no longer work.

Del Johnson, the Head of Venture Capital Investment Fund Backstage Capital, instructs: “The wider the cultural divide between your team and your audience, the less chance you have of success.” At the same time, it’s important not just to “keep up appearances”, but to really take the place of the target audience and share its values. Consumers feel fake.

Where to start? According to the classics – from yourself. Realize the value beliefs of your target audience within the company – and then bring them to the world.