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What role does a commercial proposal play for your business?

What role does a commercial proposal play for your business?

The purpose of every business offer is to sell a product or service, in other words, to convince your customer to make a purchase. The problem is that not every commercial offer really meets it’s final point.


We offer you to learn from other people's mistakes and learn how to make a selling commercial proposal.


1. Commercial offer can be personalized and non-personalized.


Personalized commercial proposal is the one which can be sent only when the first contact with the client has already occurred and you know that he is expecting some additional information from you about further plans and actions.


Non-personalized looks more like a mass mailing. Sometimes such proposals get the results but more often they do not.


If you want to increase your sales, we recommend the personalized one. 


These two types of commercial offers differ significantly in content, taking into account the needs of each target audience. Without customer analysis, the CP will be ineffective. Either they won't read it, or they will read it, but won’t be interested.


2. The client is only interested in finding the solution to his problems. 


Do not use unnecessary information. Show how you can solve his problem right now, without long introductions. This will save you time.


3. Delivery matters


Most often, a commercial offer is created in electronic form and sent by email. But you can be even more creative if you choose the graphics solution.


Remember, this is the message to your target audience. 


4. Pay attention to content strategy


Catchy headlines, accessibility and simplicity of the text, but at the same time with meaning. Carefully consider what you write and how you present some advantages of working with you. Make sure you have added a call to action at the end and write about all possible ways to contact  you.


Don't forget about the design too. It should match, for example, the color palette of your logo or brand concept.


Remember that a business proposal opens a lot about your qualities and greatly increases your chances of success.


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