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Do you need a Telegram channel for your business?

Today we will analyze the topic of creating telegram channels for business and show how this tool can be used to increase loyalty and sales of your company.   1. Share some information about new...

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

While you are still thinking about using certain marketing tools, new ones are already being tested in the US, and some of them can be much more effective than the previous ones. So our recommendation...

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What role does a commercial proposal play for your business?

The purpose of every business offer is to sell a product or service, in other words, to convince your customer to make a purchase. The problem is that not every commercial offer really meets it’s fina...

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How to promote real estate agency in 2021? Tips and ideas.

Hey guys! My name is Yara and today I will tell you the tips how to promote the real estate agency.    Real estate industry is very competitive, but, nevertheless, the market continues to grow e...

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Service Delivery as Instrument of Marketing

According to statistics, price and delivery speed are two out of three most powerful factors, affecting buying activity that play an important role for e-commerce businesses in general. The data says ...

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Sales funnel

In internet marketing, there is such a thing as a sales tunnel. The synonym for this term is a funnel.   These are customized sales funnels, mainly using chatbots. The user, getting into the mes...

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Why do we recommend small businesses to have a blog?

Hey guys!  My name is Yara and today we will talk about one of the most popular topic:   How to Promote your Blog.   But let me tell you the examples why blogging can be useful for small b...

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Promotion of real estate agencies

Real estate niche is very competitive, but, nevertheless, the market continues to grow every year.   We decided to share our experience of promotion in this niche, as well as ideas for those who...

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How to choose a payment model in internet marketing?

How to Choose a Payment Model in Internet Marketing? Why do we pay Google Ads and other platforms, placing our ads? What payment models do you know and how to choose the most suitable one?   ...

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