Marketing myths

Let's say you decide to start a lifelong business: you drew up a business plan, received a bank loan and permits from all government agencies, purchased equipment and goods, launched a website, po...

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Case study

Today we are not talking about the case where the money is hidden, but about the "bank" of information, about examples of the implementation of business projects. There is no universal formula, jus...

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Why do marketing specialists make mistakes?

Recently we’ve been occurred by the idea: why a specialist with a serious knowledge base, huge work experience and, at first glance, an adequate worldview can take and get someone in the soup? It’s...

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Digital Gale & AQUIX

Marketing on the side of a scientific startup Sometimes the connections between the participants of events are so intertwined that you don't even know where to start. It all started in 1990, on...

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Business plan on an A4 sheet

It is easy to identify the fundamental problems and opportunities of the company by functionally collecting all the data on an A4 sheet. This can be done using a model with an unpronounceable name: Os...

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How to sell your skills in 30 seconds

Many people know the expression “elevator pitch”. This is not just a euphemism or the chapter of a corny movie about fast career advancement. This is an illustration of the amount of time that strange...

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Pandemic Work Guide

What measures help businesses survive the crisis? The founder and head of the Synchronization lecture hall, Maria Borodetskaya, shared in the framework of the Business Class educational project wha...

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How to set up a remote work

While the whole world is rapidly becoming grey under the onslaught of coronavirus panic, we are looking for the beautiful in the apocalypse. And we found it! Finally, finally, everybody is working rem...

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How to do business the right way

Are you sick and tired of looking for magic bullet? Have you already paid to an SMM, copywriter, all sorts of online targeted advertising specialists, designer yadda yadda yadda, but bags of money sti...

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