Marketing myths

Marketing myths

Let's say you decide to start a lifelong business: you drew up a business plan, received a bank loan and permits from all government agencies, purchased equipment and goods, launched a website, posted information about the opening on social networks. And now tomorrow the dream has to come true. But unfortunately, not so many guests came to the opening as expected. The days go by, but there are no more clients. So it won't take long to run deep at a deficit. This is because you underestimated the power of marketing tools. So let’s talk about myths.

Myth 1. The consumer will find me when he needs my product

So you can wait for the weather by the sea for years. Unfortunately, it is not enough just to start a business: you need to regularly keep in touch with the target audience, constantly remind yourself, and follow the trends. To do this, you need to work out a strategy, develop tactics. And if you don't have the proper experience, a marketer will come to the rescue.

Myth 2. Offline advertising is enough for my company

This has long been ineffective, especially in the modern world, when everyone had to move to an online existence. According to a study by a large American portal, 81% of buyers first monitor information on the Internet and only then make a purchase decision.

Myth 3. If I have a website, I have not a problem

There is no point in a site if no one visits it. And finding it without SEO promotion, contextual and targeting advertising, content marketing and other tools is impossible. There is a high level of competition in each niche: this must be accepted and invested in the “fight against stagnation”.

Myth 4. I have great intuition, I don't need marketing and analytics

No doubt, without intuition, you wouldn't go anywhere. But it is effective when combined with a long and successful entrepreneurial experience. And only for short-term planning, for example, in agile marketing. In addition, throughout the entire process, from the formation of a project to its launch and subsequent existence, it is necessary to collect data, conduct research, analyze the market and the effectiveness of your own work. Otherwise, you will not be able to adapt to market changes and the needs of the target audience. This requires a specialist.

Myth 5. I'm my own marketing specialist

Well done! You need to be a brave and purposeful person to run your business. However, this is not enough if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills. Don't forget, you are now in the ocean with sharks. While you are figuring it out, someone is already eating on your territory.

Myth 6. Email marketing is not effective

You'd be surprised, but email marketing often works more effectively than SMM. The main thing is to work out the distribution scheme: funnel, recipients, text, time. And constantly analyze the results of the work.

Myth 7. Social media is not relevant to my business

Now social networks are at the peak of their popularity and are the most common channel for the implementation of many different projects. According to the latest Forbes research, 1 in 4 shoppers make a purchase decision due to the company's presence on social media.

Do not avoid contacting specialists: this will save you time and money.

What marketing myths do you know?


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