Case study

Case study

Today we are not talking about the case where the money is hidden, but about the "bank" of information, about examples of the implementation of business projects.

There is no universal formula, just as there is no universal pill for all adversity: each project needs an individual approach. It depends on several factors: the scope of the company, the budget, the implementation timeline, the starting point, the involvement of management and staff.

It is important to understand that cases are not always successful, there are also negative examples. And this is good. It is not for nothing that they say that success is achieved by the one who overcame the greatest number of failures - but only if a conclusion was drawn from the mistakes.

Meet the Brazilian company Compra Certa, which belongs to the Whirlpool Corporation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, in tandem with its marketing partner CityAds, the company developed a large-scale performance strategy, which became one of the brightest, successful and strong decisions in the outgoing year.

What did Compra Certa and CityAds do? They correctly predicted the target audience's behaviour. During the period of self-isolation, offline sales platforms were closed for an indefinite period, and purchasing power dropped significantly. The consumer has no choice but to scour the Internet in search of profitable offers.

Under these circumstances, they decided to issue fixed-term coupons for the most popular products. And coupon sites and the social network Facebook were identified as the main channels. And they did not lose: placement on discount aggregators brought more than 60% of sales.

But the company did not stop there. In honour of Mother's Day, a promotion was launched on the Cuponomia coupon portal with a super cashback of 4.6% for purchases on the Compra Certa website. This is 50% more than before.

2020 turned out to be very difficult for many companies, and for some, it was the last year of activity. This is why we encourage our clients to share their overcome stories: it will give you humanity and enhance your brand image.

An overview of your work can be presented not only in your own blog / social networks but also at thematic (online) conferences, websites, forums, and publics on social networks. Such measures help to increase the popularity and targeted conversions to your site.

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