Why do marketing specialists make mistakes?

Why do marketing specialists make mistakes?

Recently we’ve been occurred by the idea: why a specialist with a serious knowledge base, huge work experience and, at first glance, an adequate worldview can take and get someone in the soup?

It’s simple. It’s about greed, self-confidence and, sadly, dishonesty.

But the budget of the organization is at stake! As well as it’s reputation.

How to avoid this? By don’t grabbing a bunch of projects with a large amount of work that must be implemented in a short time. Capabilities have to be assessed realistically. We all know: grasp all, lose all.

Today we will list some of the most common marketing mistakes that even seasoned specialists make.

1. The target audience.

It seems preppy and easy. Sweets made for children, olives for adults. But what about a detailed analysis of a potential consumer or client? Who sets the conditions? The trouble is the lack of information. After all, the easier the task seems, the higher the likelihood of missing important details.

2. Ineffective or unclear marketing strategy. 

Many companies sin by the lack of a product promotion plan. But it’s even worse when the course is set incorrectly. The strategy should reflect not just business tasks and local problems, it should look into the distance, set long-term goals. It is very important to correctly set deadlines for completing tasks, and, as a result, to keep within them.

3. Flawed concept of product or service development.

Lack of a unique approach to product promotion, mediocrity of ideas, copying competitors’ marketing, ignoring trends, using outdated techniques, ignoring the impact on the consumer of social networks – all these are mistakes of marketers who are always in a hurry and underestimate the client. A rather large list, isn’t it? One of these points can cost a new company huge losses.

4. Unreasonable budget allocation.

The costs of a marketing campaign directly depend on the nature of the advertisement and its ultimate goals. Usually the budget is based on projected profit. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the marketing campaign. Usually it is about correcting mistakes – identifying tools that were effective and vice versa. For this, an analysis of key performance indicators (KPI) is carried out.

5. Aggressive Marketing.

Perhaps the most delicate point. The line is very thin. Advertising should not be intrusive and provocative, and should not deceive or mislead the consumer. Therefore, it is not superfluous to coordinate advertising ideas with a lawyer.

This article does not imply that we are white and fluffy. After all, no one is immune from mistakes, and even more so from emergencies. But you can be sure that we do the best to not lose our face and create maximum at the limit of possible and even a little more. You can be convinced of this by checking our projects.

Good luck! Your DG team.



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