Sales funnel

Sales funnel

In internet marketing, there is such a thing as a sales tunnel. The synonym for this term is a funnel.


These are customized sales funnels, mainly using chatbots. The user, getting into the messenger, receives certain information that "warms up" him and leads to a purchase.


The main reason for sales tunnels in messengers is the popularity of messengers themselves. Their audience exceeds 4.3 billion people. People communicate there, share their opinions and .... make purchases :)


It is convenient because people read messages, at least in 90% cases and they can reply at any time they want. If you use phone calls, there is always a risk that when you call the potential customer, he is busy and your conversation is more likely to be over.  


Let's see how this method works and how to set up the simplest sales tunnel:


  1. The user starts using chatbots usually through your website, 

for example, and subscribes to the channel (or chat) to receive news or other information, or receives more detailed information about the product / service;


  1. starts communicating with the chatbot, finds out the answers to additional questions;


  1. makes an order through a messenger or goes to the website and makes a purchase there.


There are usually many more steps in the sales funnel and they can differ from each other, depending on your business area.


For example, you can create a sales funnel to measure sales managers performance. You get feedback from the customers and know how to improve the quality of your service.


Also, some companies create educational tunnels where new employees are trained. The trainee subscribes to the corporate channel, where he receives a series of messages about the work of the company, his responsibilities, the bonus system and interactions with other departments. This greatly simplifies the work of other employees and saves time on training new team players.


Contact us  if you want to know how this tool can be used for your business and we will definitely share our experience with you.


Remember that there are many ways to receive new customers  in the company, but it is important not only to know the tools, but also to use them effectively.


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