Promotion of real estate agencies

Promotion of real estate agencies

Real estate niche is very competitive, but, nevertheless, the market continues to grow every year.


We decided to share our experience of promotion in this niche, as well as ideas for those who are looking for marketing services for their agency.


Firstly, it is important to understand that building loyalty and brand trust will take several months for marketers - and this work should never stop. 


Today we will not only be talking about the methods to use if you develop brand loyalty through social media, but also about traditional marketing approaches.


  1. Word of mouth


If no one knows about you, they will not trust you. We wrote about word of mouth in one of our previous articles entitled “Viral Marketing” and if you read us carefully, you probably know that word of mouth can also be and is created using marketing tools.


The reputation of a real estate agency directly depends on whether your product really meets the market demands and quality standards.


  1. Dispelling the myths and fears using expert information


The client is always interested in the documentation, infrastructure, communications, your previous projects and customer reviews. The best solution would be to write all of that in your blog, where you describe the cases and advantages of working with you.


We recommend writing not only about your agency, but also about the very basic questions that your potential clients most often ask.


Let's give an example of such questions:


Should we invest in real estate this year?

Is it safe to buy an apartment during Covid-19 or is it better to wait?

How will the global crisis affect the real estate industry? Is it time to buy or to sell?

What is the situation in the real estate market in 2021?


Talk not only about yourself, but also about the client's pain. Articles should be filled with high-quality expert information.


  1. Building a convenient and adaptable website


The success of your real estate business depends on how well you attract new buyers to your internet marketing funnel.


Statistics show that 44% of all real estate clients and 99% of millennials are firstly looking for real estate online. Therefore, a high-quality and optimized website will significantly increase your income.


Remember about high-quality content: photos and videos, visualizations, etc. There shouldn't be too much material, but the visual representation of what the project will look like influences the client's decisions.


You can also create optimized landing pages and use capture forms.


  1. Offline marketing and other ways of communicating with your target audience


We recommend promoting your agency not only on the Internet, but also offline.


There are many ways to increase awareness, and one of them might be organizing free seminars about real estate, participating at educational exhibitions, sponsoring local events, and building partnerships with other businesses.


Of course, it is important first of all to understand the segment, which you are developing in and the specifics of the audience. But in general, offline marketing is also a very important part of the work, which must follow the goals and bring results.


A holistic approach is very important in the real estate industry and the result of a marketing campaign is often impossible to assess immediately, but in the end it brings significant results.




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